Collaboration between Snack Company and Yamayoshi Seika: "Wasabi Beef" Flavor

Breaking free from the norms of conventional snacks, the collaboration between the snack company and Yamayoshi Seika has come to fruition. The unique collaboration between "Baby Star" and Yamayoshi Seika introduces a fascinating joint project. Starting from August 8th, "Baby Star Potato Chips (Chicken Flavored)" and "Baby Star Decai Ramen (Wasabi Beef Flavor)" have been available for early purchase at FamilyMart, followed by general release from August 22nd.


Yamayoshi Seika's "Baby Star Potato Chips (Chicken Flavored)" captures the essence of Baby Star's distinctive taste by expressing the flavors of soy sauce and chicken umami. A touch of white pepper has been added as a secret ingredient to create a ramen-like experience. Available in a 50g pack.


Snack Company's "Baby Star Decai Ramen (Wasabi Beef Flavor)" presents the taste of "Wasabi Beef" in the form of Baby Star's wide noodles that are easy to snack on. The dough is enriched with the flavors of beef and garlic, incorporating the essence of wasabi by kneading it into the mix. The addition of soy sauce enhances the savory aroma, making the pungent wasabi flavor and the rich beef taste that spreads in the mouth as you chew, creating an addictive "Wasabi Beef Flavor." Available in a 65g pack.


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