Lotte's Balloon-Gum Inflation?!

Lotte will release the 'Xylitol Gum ENJOY CUBE Assort Bottle' (122g, open price, hereinafter referred to as 'the product') featuring limited edition Disney 100th-anniversary art design, in a seasonal release starting from September 5th. For this second edition as well, the designs feature beloved characters from around the world on all eight varieties of bottles. The flavors come in three types: Soda, Grape Soda, and Lemon Soda. This assortment-type cube gum is known for its soft texture. On the same day, the bottle type 'Fusen Gum Fuku-Fukuramu Grape Flavor' (photo, 131g) containing 'Super Inflatable Grape Flavor' will also be launched. The flavors will be Lemon, Yogurt, and the Super Inflatable Grape, available in a trio of assortments. The 'Super Inflatable Grape Flavor' is characterized by its unique formulation technology, which allows it to inflate larger than the conventional 'Fusen no Mi' (Balloon Fruit).

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