Koikeya, a taste that you'll impulsively crave even in summer.

"Koikeya Strong Potato Chips - Secret Teppanyaki Sauce" and "Spicy Chicken" will be released on July 3rd. "Koikeya Strong" has evolved with the theme of "Rich Flavor in Seconds," aiming for a design and taste that can be intuitively and instantly enjoyed. These two new products are designed to capture the "high-stimulation of summer," expressing flavors that make you crave them even in the hot season.

The "Secret Teppanyaki Sauce" combines the rich taste of sauce yakisoba with the mellow acidity of mayonnaise, resulting in a rich and authentic flavor. "Spicy Chicken" highlights the sensation of "fiery spiciness," where the kick of chili peppers enhances the savory chicken, while the stimulating numbness of Sichuan peppercorns becomes addictive. Each package weighs 80g.

Revamping the concept of the "ultimate snack," 'The Koikeya' has been fully renewed. The new brand 'The Gourmet of Ingredients' focuses on the value of being a "snack," with the aim of becoming a stronger staple brand. Leading with the strength of a "rare ingredient-like texture," the Potato/Savory Shrimp/Cheese flavors offer a satisfying taste experience. The packaging uses paper to reduce plastic usage. "Salt and Sesame Oil" is 53g, and "Shrimp" and "Cheese" are 35g each.

A game-exclusive snack, "One-Bite Bowl (Don)," has been developed, with reservations starting on July 14th on the Koikeya online shop. Responding to preferences shared in the "Koikeya FAN LABO," these snacks are not only easy on guilt and less messy, but also embody the excitement of gaming. Based on rice puffs, they are packed with the taste of donburi. The first flavor is "Gyudon" (Beef Bowl), and the second is "Soba-ya's Curry Donburi." Each set contains two packages (25g each), and a box contains four packages, priced at 1,220 yen including tax.

"Karumuchi Chips - Fiery Sweet Chili" and "Sour Karumuchi Chips - Lingering Meat" will be released on July 17th. Developed under the themes of "enthusiastically enjoying spiciness" and "immersing in sourness," these chips offer flavors that evoke excitement and immersion. Inspired by addictive, flavorsome Chinese cuisine, "Fiery Sweet Chili" presents the irresistible taste of "Ebi Chili" using sweet and spicy flavors, while "Sour Karumuchi Chips" captures the addictive combination of meat's umami and the tanginess of vinegar and pepper in "Gyoza." Each package weighs 53g.

A collaborative creation with "ISEKADO BREWERY" in Mie Prefecture, the "Flavor-Expanding Set" will be available in limited quantities (8,000 sets) on the Koikeya online shop from July 20th. The set includes three bags of original potato chips, "Ise Beer Potato" (50g each), and two original beers, "Koikeya Summer Skyrager" and "Pale Ale" (2 bottles of 350ml each), priced at 3,980 yen including tax.

"Koikeya Pride Potato - Japan Akagyu Teppanyaki with Wasabi Soy Sauce Kumamoto" and "Kyoto Yuzu Shichimi" will be released on July 31st. The former marks the debut use of premium Japanese red beef from Kumamoto, enhanced with the accent of wasabi soy sauce. The latter is a project in collaboration with Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, and Koikeya's Kyoto Factory. It features Nantan-grown yuzu and an original yuzu shichimi spice blend from Kyoto Sagano Arashiyama's Nanafuji Kamisharaku. Each package weighs 53g. All items without price indications are open-priced.

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