Kanro Introduces Gummies Inspired by Jellyfish

Kanro will release the 'Healthy Throat Candy - Apple Candy' on July 4th, available at convenience stores (CVS) and railway stations. The candy is made from a blend of 31 Japanese and Chinese ingredients, featuring the fresh taste of apple and the beneficial effects of herbs. With the desire to provide a 'soothing time to cherish the seasons,' the product is designed to moisturize the throat with a refreshing aftertaste, even in the hot summer months. It comes in a convenient compact package for easy portability. Made using domestic apple juice, the candy offers a delicate balance of apple freshness and herbal benefits, with a hint of the flavor of apple candy.


Embracing the theme of 'Summer Festival,' the emotionally appealing package design features apple candy and fireworks, capturing a sense of nostalgic flavor reminiscent of summer memories. The product is priced at 138 yen including tax, with a net weight of 26g.


Bandai's capsule toy 'Gashapon' presents the 'Ringcolle! Pure Gummy Ring Collection Sparkling Version,' a recreation of 'Pure Gummy,' available from the second week of July through capsule vending machines in toy stores, retail outlets, and electronics stores nationwide. This is the second edition of the Pure Gummy Ring, which allows fans to wear the trending Pure Gummy on their fingers. Each capsule is priced at 300 yen, and there are a total of six variants.


As the second collaboration design with Capcom's fighting game 'Street Fighter II,' the renewed 'Ramune Rush' will be available from July 11th. The package showcases a close-up of the popular character Ryu's face and various fighting scenes, featuring a total of four design variations. When connected, the two packages create an illusion of left-right battling. The product weighs 50g and is priced at 213 yen.


Starting from July 14th, Kanro Pocket will introduce the 'Sea Jelly Gummy,' a gummy with a slightly firm and chewy texture that embodies the imagery of jellyfish. The gummy is designed to resemble the bell and stomach of a jellyfish, capturing the realistic appearance of a blue soda-flavored moon jellyfish. The product comes in four variations: 'Large Jellyfish,' 'Flat Mini Jellyfish,' 'Puffy Mini Jellyfish,' and a secret variant. It is priced at 1,500 yen for a net weight of 99g.


Expanding on the 'Generation Z Co-creation Project for Candy' jointly developed with active high school students, two new flavors have been added to the 'I Want to Live with a Transparent Heart' series. The new individually packaged products are ideal for sharing and will be available from July 18th. Following the early release in CVS and railway stations, they will gradually expand to other locations such as supermarkets (SM) in the autumn. The new flavors are 'CLEAR' with a white soda taste, 'KYUN' with a delightful pink grapefruit soda taste, and 'CHILL' with a soothing honey orange soda taste. The product weighs 69g and is priced at 227 yen.


'4D Gummy Mermaid Jewels,' gummies shaped like sparkling jewels with jelly centers, will be available on July 25th. The design is inspired by a mermaid motif, creating a fancy world. The gummies feature two colors to mimic the appearance of glasswork, and the jelly center gives the illusion of pearls inside the shell-shaped gummies. The flavor is a perfect match for summer - 'Deep Sea Melon Soda.' The product weighs 56g and is priced at 238 yen.


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