Senjaku Amehonpo, using domestically produced Shine Muscat fruit juice.

On August 7th, Senjaku Amehonpo will release the "Shine Muscat Assort Candy," which offers various muscat flavors made with domestically produced Shine Muscat fruit juice. The assortment includes four different elaborately crafted flavors: Rich Muscat, Muscat Sparkling, Muscat Parfait, and Muscat & Fruit Mix. The candy comes in 85g packs and is priced at 220 yen.

As a collaborative project with the Himeji City Fire Department, the "Fire Brigade Candy (Himeji City Fire Department Collaboration)" will be released on September 4th. Each individually wrapped candy comes with firefighting knowledge supervised by the Himeji City Fire Department, providing an opportunity to learn about firefighting activities and knowledge. The flavors in this assortment are Apple, Lemon, and Muscat, and the candy weighs 70g, priced at 180 yen.

On September 4th, the "Fruit Amazake Candy" will be launched, offering an easy-to-eat version of traditional Japanese sweet sake, paired with fruit flavors. The assortment includes Yuzu Amazake and Peach Amazake flavors, using rice malt and sake lees to create the candy (alcohol content in the candy is less than 0.01%). It also contains BCAA amino acids and honey. Each pack weighs 52g and costs 100 yen.

On the same day, September 4th, the "Pudding Amechan" candy will be released, inspired by the nostalgic and bittersweet taste of a retro-style coffee shop's pudding. It is made with Hokkaido-produced milk and weighs 52g, priced at 100 yen.

As the second installment of the "Luxurious Fruit Series," which features flavors made from domestically produced, region-specific fruit juices, the "Luxurious Fruit Nagano Kyoho Candy" will be available on September 4th. It offers the delightful taste of Nagano's Kyoho grapes, often referred to as the "King of Grapes." Each pack weighs 52g and costs 100 yen.

Furthermore, on September 4th, three other products will be launched: "100% Honey and Ginger Throat Candy" (50g, 230 yen), "100% Honey Candy" (51g, 230 yen), and "100% Honey and Yuzu Candy" (51g, 230 yen).

Moreover, for the "100% Honey Candy" and "100% Honey and Yuzu Candy," there will be a "World Honey 3-Bottle Set Giveaway Campaign" from November 1st to January 31st, 2024. This campaign will select 830 winners each month, for a total of 2490 winners, who will receive world honey as a prize.

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